We, The People. 12-06-2010


Roger A. Nutt
County Council (Elect) District Six
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Like most things, holiday traditions tend to have their cycles.  At my family's Christmas gatherings when I was younger, kids were never sure of what they would be getting from their parents or grandparents.  I remember always being surprised -- sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not so much.  Now it seems that we all know what's coming and we've recently gone through a stage where we would only give out gift cards.  We realized that we were just exchanging plastic cards from all the same places, so now we have decided to get back to the more traditional gifts.   I've also noticed that the kids' wish list has changed over the years.  When they were younger, you could hardly walk into the living room Christmas morning for all the presents.  Now, if the price tag is any indication, they are much more interested in quality, not quantity.

As I look forward to my first year as our council representative, I am taking a good hard look at the voters' wish list.  Although most people I spoke with had a slightly different idea of what they wanted, three items kept coming up over and over again.   To put them in the simplest terms possible, people want stable work, they want County Council to stop spending so much money, and they don't like the road fee.  Desiring quality over quantity, these are the items I would like to focus a majority of my time.

Job Creation
County Council may have more influence on bringing jobs to the area than you'd think, but probably not as much as you'd hope.  As ambassadors for Spartanburg County, we can have an influence on companies that are looking at the area.  We can help our utilities in their expansion efforts to make sure that the infrastructure is available when and where they are needed.  We can support our community colleges to help them ensure that the work force is educated and well-prepared when the need arises.  Finally, we can certainly create a regulatory climate that is business-friendly and doesn't put an undue burden on potential job creation. 

Voters have told me time and time again that if we can't cut spending in this depressed economy then we can never cut it.  People aren’t satisfied with a government that continues to grow, and I'm not either.  A lot of time will be focused on identifying areas that can be cut and making the hard decisions to get it done.

Road Fee
There was a great deal of debate about what to do about the road fee, but one thing was very clear. The vast majority of the people I spoke with don't like it.  Remember the Health Care debate?  We, The People didn't appreciate being told by elected officials and bureaucrats that they knew what was best for us, and we spoke loudly in November.   We will most certainly face similar arguments when dealing with eliminating/reducing the road fee.  One question that’s frequently asked is, "How are you going to pay for roads?"  The County brings in over $80 million in general funds.  Are we seriously asking how we're going to pay for roads?  The question may be how we're going to pay for something else, but surely it's not a question about something as fundamental as roads.  

These are big three that seem to be on people’s minds, but everyone should make their own voice heard. Please contact me through www.rogernutt.com and let me know what your issues are.  We know the wish list will be great, but we can get together and, like my kids, focus on quality not quantity.  We The People can make a difference but only if we communicate and work together. 

My family and I wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.  Please continue to keep this great country and the ones who are sacrificing for it in your prayers.  God Bless.


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