We, The People. 11-14-2010


Roger A. Nutt
County Council (Elect) District Six
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Even in these dark economic times it's easy to find many things to be thankful for.  Not the least of which is this still great and free country in which we live.  We are also thankful for all of the men and women who made and continue to make great sacrifices in protecting this land and fighting for those freedoms.  We should never make the mistake of losing sight of freedom's cost or its worth.

A couple of weeks ago, most of us across this country exercised one of the greatest freedoms we have -- the freedom to vote.  We, the people, spoke out loud and clear that we want our government to be smaller and less intrusive; to ease the burden on us as taxpayers and to spend our money more efficiently.  We made it clear that we were no longer going to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” but that we were willing to stand on principle and vote for what we felt was right.  Time will now be the judge as to whether our choice of leaders will make the really tough choices that we need or if we get the status quo once again. 

I am grateful and honored to have been trusted to represent District 6 on County Council.  I do not take that trust or those wishes lightly.  Since, like most of us, I have never held public office before, it is my true desire to approach this great responsibility with respect and in such a way that truly represents what we, the people, want.  Voters told me in no uncertain terms to make the difficult choices and stand up against the status quo.  They told me to reduce our spending and ease the burden on the taxpayer.  They told me to be accessible and responsive and only represent the wishes of our Council District 6 and Spartanburg County.  My goal is to serve and represent our district and county well and bring a little faith and trust back to our government so that it remains "of the people, by the people and for the people".

Some of the obstacles to changing the way things get done are, strangely enough, brought on by the system itself.  In our political system, the desire to get re-elected can often determine what our representatives will fight for.  If they choose to make the tough choices on spending cuts, for instance, and then hear an outcry from the voters, elected officials will often back down and not make the stand. In our current economic climate, we will have to make sacrifices.  We all do it in our households and in our businesses, why do we not expect the same from our government?  There is no doubt that in the worst economic climate most of us have ever seen there will need to be cuts in our county and it may be some that we don't personally want to make.  The question is: Are we willing to make the sacrifices it will take to reduce spending? If we really want to get this done and start doing things the right way, we all are going to have to make that choice. 

The only true way to represent the people is through communication.  Voters chose me to represent District 6 and Spartanburg County, not myself.  To do this I will need as much direct communication as possible.  One of the most efficient hubs of this communication is, of course, electronically - through email, text messages, and websites.  My website (www.rogernutt.com) will stay up-to-date on the latest issues we are dealing with as well as town or homeowners’ meetings that may be scheduled.  You can go there for some real-time surveys on relevant topics and to send me emails to let me know where you stand.  I'm sure there will also be some social networking sites as well (as soon as my daughter shows me how).  The point is that we don't remain silent.  Let's communicate and change things together.  My family and I are preparing for the task at hand.  I'm asking that each one of you do the same. 

Yes, there are many things to be thankful for.  As we pause next week to thank our Father for all that He has given us, let us not forget this blessed country and all that it can be.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.


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