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As we all start to get back to a normal life schedule following some extended holiday time, some planned and some forced upon us by the beautiful snow falls we've had, I wanted to give an update on what council has been up to this past month.  We had two public meetings in January, one dealing with the budget and another general session meeting with full council.  I will try to use this article from time to time to give you some highlights and updates.  Due to limited space, we can't possibly cover all the items, so please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it via the website or facebook for any specific questions. 



Budget Workshop

The County Administrator and staff gave an overview of this year's projected revenue and the state of our current budget.  As most would expect, the economy (and thus revenue) is not projected to have any significant change.  We are being told that our state funding (also called "aid to subdivisions") is actually expected to decrease again this year by maybe one million dollars or so.  This is following a nearly 40% decrease in the funding over the past several years.  Out of this fund, the counties are mandated to pay for state offices such as the local magistrate system and others.  It was also noted that our insurance premiums are expected to rise about one million dollars as well due to a number of factors.  We are currently working on some ways that might ease the tax burden for a good portion of the county.  After we get some good legal advice on the ideas I should be able to share them with you.  Overall, the picture still shows that the county will need to be able to adapt and do the same with less, or if need be, do less with less.  As we've discussed before, we as citizens may have to give up some services we hold dear to get us to the point where our county needs to be.  


January General Session

In our general session last month, a couple items are worth discussing:


James F. Byrnes High Rebels Football Team

The Byrnes Rebels Football Team was honored and presented with a resolution for their State Championship this past year.  Coach Miller and staff have done a wonderful job with the kids and all are to be commended.  It's great to have the #1 and #2 teams in the state (for the past 2 years!) right here in our district!  Congratulations guys!


Spartanburg County Tourism Action Plan and Feasibility Study

This study was done last year by countless volunteers and was presented to council at the meeting.  I encourage everyone to look this up and share your comments.  A lot of people will be surprised with everything Spartanburg County has to offer! I will try to have a link to this study on my website, so please share your thoughts and comments with me as council tries to make some recommendations concerning the study in the coming months.


Healthcare Survey

A healthcare survey was presented that gave some very interesting statistics concerning first and second hand smoke.  There has been some talk concerning a county wide ban of smoking.  I am very interested to hear what you have to say about that, so please contact me with your comments.


Flea Market Ordinance

We had a second reading of the new flea market ordinance, and a public hearing was held as well.  We had 2 people speak in favor of the ordinance and about 5 to speak against.  We did end up making a recommendation of change in order to ensure that there was no reference to anything that might be seen as a residential yard sale.  I'll try to have the link to this ordinance as well, so please feel free to read it and comment.


That's about it for January.  As always, I desperately want your feedback.  You can get all kinds of information from my website at www.rogernutt.com and you can now find me on FACEBOOK (County Council District 6)!  We have some great discussions set up there just waiting for your input.  Please keep in contact and get involved - together "We, The People" can do some great things!  God Bless.



"We, The People."

January 31, 2011 

Roger A. Nutt

County Council District Six

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