We, The People. May - Second Edition


May 24,2011

Roger A. Nutt

Council District 6 Representative


Our County Council has been so busy lately that I felt it was necessary to give a second update this month. You should be very proud of all 7 of your council members who have really been working hard to look out for you and your money during this tough budget year.

2011-2012 Budget
This budget year has proven to be another tough one. I am enthused about council's willingness to dig even deeper looking for waste before going for the easy gouging of our "outside agencies" like the seniors and child advocacy centers. We have been successful and even took the bold step of not giving our proposed budget a second reading due to some of these unresolved issues. Our statement to us as taxpayers is that we are not moving forward until these items are dealt with and our money is being spent efficiently. Please let your representatives know how you feel on this and every issue.

This was an issue brought to me by some taxpayers who were really on their toes. It's an issue that would have gone largely unnoticed but has actually gotten some big attention across the country. Spartanburg County had become a member of this group with funding help from the SPATS committee. It is my understanding that Spartanburg is the only county in the state that is a member and opted to join in order to have equal standing with the City of Spartanburg on the Spartanburg Sustainability Advisory Committee. The International Coalition for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is a United Nations-backed group that among other items, has a strong belief that private property ownership and control is not "sustainable" and that land should, and must be used for the good of society as a whole. For the record, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not believe that men in blue uniforms are going to march into Spartanburg and take away our property and put it under UN control. I do

know, however, that the stated goals and mission of the ICLEI is to involve local governments in order to "achieve local, national and global sustainability objectives." Many of these objectives are concerning to me, especially the ones dealing with property and personal freedoms. You elected me to protect our constitution, our rights, and our tax dollars. When I determine that a group that we're helping to fund has stated goals that are contrary to the preservation of our rights and our constitution, I have no choice but to cut ties with that group. That is what our council did on Monday night, in a 6-0 vote. You should thank each member of your council for standing up for your private property rights and for your constitution.

Although I did a fair amount of research in order to reach my conclusion, I encourage everyone to read up on the subject for yourself. Don't ever take my word on these important issues. Do your own research and judge for yourself. There are thousands of websites dedicated to the ICLEI and Agenda 21 (a UN agenda that is supported by ICLEI), but I encourage you to look at information that is put out by the groups themselves: www.iclei.org, www.un.org (search there for Agenda 21 to read it in full. Section II chapter 10 has the section of Land Management). Once that is done, feel free to google around and see what others have to say on the subject. As always, use your best judgment when reading third party information on any subject.

I am not opposed to land use regulations or creating a more “sustainable” community. We all want our county to be THE place to live, work and play. Spartanburg currently has and continues to update its land use regulations. These are necessary to protect the rights of all the citizens and land owners of the county. We as a local community should continually be looking into ways in which we can efficiently and effectively use all of our natural resources to the benefit of all of our citizens. As a council, we are there to make sure that in doing so we never engage in anything that will infringe on our rights or our constitution.

I will keep you updated as things arise. Continue to pray for those affected by the accident in Cleveland Park. Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time on any issue. Visit my website www.rogernutt.com or on Facebook for updated information. God Bless.

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