Lose The Landfill?




As your Representative, I am committed to closing the Palmetto Landfill - sooner rather than later. As it currently stands, Waste Management can continue to operate the landfill under their current permit almost indefinitely. WM has approached County Council to see if Council would consider allowing the construction of a transfer station near the current landfill site. Our demand was clear: No discussion of a transfer station without a date specific closure of the Palmetto Landfill. This option has never been on the table - until now. We are bringing to you, the residents of this area, a proposal from WM that will:

  • Close and Cap (permanent closure) the Palmetto Landfill within 12-18 months of the permit issue date.
  • Limit and re-route the WM truck traffic away from Nazareth Church and Nazareth Roads and onto the entrance at Hwy 29.
  • Limit the amount of trash that is brought into the transfer station.
  • Remove their right to establish a Replacement Landfill
  • Establish a Transfer Station on a site farthest away from our residential areas.
  • Spartanburg County will continue to receive a host fee (No lost revenue for the County)
  • Eliminate the Odor from 'Mt. Trashmore'
  • Eliminate all overnight trash (Transfer station will be emptied and cleaned each day)
  • Other items that may be requested by the residents of the area.

This is your area, and your input will determine if the county moves forward with discussions about this closure. Waste Management will be holding an afternoon long informational session for just your area. They will be presenting all the information you should need about what a closing looks like, what a transfer station is and does. They will be offering guided tours and maps of the area in question. It is up to you to listen to what they have to say and then let your thoughts and concerns be heard by contacting me by email or by phone. The easiest way however may be the survey I have on my website. Either way you choose, your voice will be heard and I will act accordingly. I want to be clear: I am not advocating one option over another - Just informing you of any opportunities that are out there. Remember: Your Area, Your Choice.

When: Tuesday July 16th - Drop-in From Noon-8:00pm

Where: Poplar Springs Fire Station #2


Please keep in mind that anything having to do with the transfer station is a proposal from Waste Management, not from the County.

Please check back in to see additional information as I can collect it.

God Bless,


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