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Lose The Landfill?




As your Representative, I am committed to closing the Palmetto Landfill - sooner rather than later. As it currently stands, Waste Management can continue to operate the landfill under their current permit almost indefinitely. WM has approached County Council to see if Council would consider allowing the construction of a transfer station near the current landfill site. Our demand was clear: No discussion of a transfer station without a date specific closure of the Palmetto Landfill. This option has never been on the table - until now. We are bringing to you, the residents of this area, a proposal from WM that will:

  • Close and Cap (permanent closure) the Palmetto Landfill within 12-18 months of the permit issue date.
  • Limit and re-route the WM truck traffic away from Nazareth Church and Nazareth Roads and onto the entrance at Hwy 29.
  • Limit the amount of trash that is brought into the transfer station.
  • Remove their right to establish a Replacement Landfill
  • Establish a Transfer Station on a site farthest away from our residential areas.
  • Spartanburg County will continue to receive a host fee (No lost revenue for the County)
  • Eliminate the Odor from 'Mt. Trashmore'
  • Eliminate all overnight trash (Transfer station will be emptied and cleaned each day)
  • Other items that may be requested by the residents of the area.

This is your area, and your input will determine if the county moves forward with discussions about this closure. Waste Management will be holding an afternoon long informational session for just your area. They will be presenting all the information you should need about what a closing looks like, what a transfer station is and does. They will be offering guided tours and maps of the area in question. It is up to you to listen to what they have to say and then let your thoughts and concerns be heard by contacting me by email or by phone. The easiest way however may be the survey I have on my website. Either way you choose, your voice will be heard and I will act accordingly. I want to be clear: I am not advocating one option over another - Just informing you of any opportunities that are out there. Remember: Your Area, Your Choice.

When: Tuesday July 16th - Drop-in From Noon-8:00pm

Where: Poplar Springs Fire Station #2


Please keep in mind that anything having to do with the transfer station is a proposal from Waste Management, not from the County.

Please check back in to see additional information as I can collect it.

God Bless,



Does Council Share Your Priorities?


One of the slides we were shown early on in our presentation of the budget was this one:

Public Safety: 29% of Budget Expenditures

Quality of Life: 19%

Public Works: 12%

Does this breakdown fall in line with your Priorities?

Which area do you think got initial approval for a Tax Increase?

For the Full Video of this Meeting - Click HERE

To View The Entire Proposed Budget (as originally presented) - Click HERE


Please look over this budget and its priorities and give me your feedback!



Odd Man Out...Again.


When I was in high school I was 4'10" tall and weighed 80lbs. I never got picked in those pick-up basketball games for some reason. Having the last name "Nutt" didn't help me fit in any better. I ended up doing a lot of fishing and hunting instead. Needless to say I got pretty used to being the odd man out.

It appears that I'm becoming the odd man out on our council as well, on several different issues. The latest being whether or not council should sign a "Clean Air Resolution (Pledge)". This pledge states that we, as the governing body of Spartanburg County, agree (among other things) to support the development, implementation and maintenance of the Upstate Air Quality Action Plan and the Clean Air Upstate Initiative as well as the Breathe Better Program and "additional actions to improve air quality" (whatever those may be).

As usual, the groups that want us to sign the pledge would love to share with you my motive for the "no" vote. I thought it might be best for you to have the truth instead.

  • I am in favor of having Clean Air.
  • I believe that Spartanburg County as an Employer should educate our employees about the importance of Clean Air and the ways that they can help the effort to maintain or improve it. We should also implement internal policies that are conducive to       having and maintaining Clean Air as much as practical.
  • I understand that Clean Air is a serious issue and that Spartanburg County is under scrutiny from EPA (Clean Air Act).
  • I believe that it is vitally important that we offer an environment (no pun intended) where businesses can grow and create jobs for our citizens.
  • I believe that protection from government over-reach is equally, if not more important.
  • I believe it is not the government's job to tell citizens how they should conduct their day to day lives. When your government supports, implements and maintains programs that dictate when you can and can't have your car running (just one example), I believe we have over stepped our powers that were given to us in our Constitution.

Those in favor would have you believe that this vote was about whether or not Spartanburg County wants or is concerned about Clean Air and that according to some "we have to do it (sign the pledge)". Let me be clear: Signing a pledge that we basically downloaded from a website does not and will not make the air in Spartanburg County any cleaner. This pledge was not, and is not required by EPA or DHEC in order to come into compliance. If you just take the time to read the plans that we pledged to implement, you will find that it is more government control, red tape, subsidies and programs - many of which I am principle bound by my oath to help protect the citizens of Spartanburg County against.

Does this mean that we should just forget about the Air Quality in Spartanburg County? Absolutely not. We should take it very seriously. However, when government pledges this, resolves that, and makes big speeches it is typically the citizens that end up paying the price when it's all implemented and enforced.

So, as a citizen of Spartanburg County, I ask that you make yourself aware of the problems our county is facing concerning our Air Quality. Educate yourself on what you can do to help our county be the greatest place on earth to live, work and play.

As a government official, I ask that you educate yourself on the role of government and stay informed and involved so that you can keep your government in check - making Spartanburg County the greatest place on earth to live, work and play - with your freedoms intact. Whatever Air I breathe, I prefer to breathe it as a free man.

God Bless,

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Another Win for the Taxpayers


For those of you that have been keeping up with your council this year, you know what a tough time we've had with this year's budget. Many of the items that the Corrective Action Team identified as vital to our public service were not able to be funded due to budget constraints. This past couple of weeks, we finally got word that the State voted to give the counties an increased amount toward what they owe us for providing the services that they mandate we provide. This $1.5 million was the topic of much of the discussion at last night's meeting.

I am very proud to say that your council correctly, and I might add bravely, used the money to fully fund those items that we saw as absolutely necessary if we are going to provide all of us with the service that we expect and deserve. Your council did not pander to the special interest groups or to big flashy headline-grabbing items - they used the money to build and improve the core services that government should and must provide. My thanks to the many of you that made the calls and sent the letters to help get this done. This is another great example of our government working hard for all of us - and using our tax dollars efficiently and effectively. Please call or write your representative and let them know how you feel about this vote. By doing so you will not only let them know where you stand, but that you are paying attention - even when things are going well!


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Info on the lone "NO" Vote on the Budget......


First of all, let me say that this year's budget was presented well and fairly represented the direction and wishes of a majority on council. A great deal of hard work went into this balanced budget (as usual) and there were no tax increases requested. So why vote against it?

I believe, whenever possible, a consistent stand on principle is key to ensuring dependable representation. If you vote for something because it's easy, looks or feels good then you never really build a foundation that The People can trust or count on. A good solid principled stand, therefore, is something I will always default to, unless I hear from You, The People to the contrary...

My vote against this seemingly good representative budget was one of principle. In short, here are the three principles that precipitated my "NO" vote:


Personal Note from Roger.....


I just heard that I’ve been ‘accused’ of being the mastermind and organizer of the great and very successful petition drive yesterday. Although I would be honored to have that great distinction, the truth is I was one of many followers of some really talented and dedicated organizers that made yesterday such a success.

The fact that there is a false accusation out there is not bothersome to me. The problem I am having is the underlying tone of those making the accusations is one of disbelief that I, as an elected official, am participating in the signing of the petitions at all, much less


County Council June (Tentative) Agenda 6-18-12





MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012

3:00 P.M.



I. Call to Order………………………………Honorable Jeff Horton, Chairman



Proposed Budget 2012-2013


Recommended Operating Budget 2012-2013


Accommodations Tax 2013


Accommodations Tax Requests 2013

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